Monday, August 26, 2013

Sciatica Pain Facts

The ache that occurs in the lower back area is due to the irritation of the sciatic nerve is called sciatica. The sciatica pain is acute and spread to the lumbar area of the lower back and it extends to the back of the thighs till the knees. The sciatic nerve is the longest nerve of the body that runs down towards the lower back and down the buttocks as well as the thighs and the nerve continue till the lower limbs. The person who has sciatica problem it means they are suffering from sciatica nerve pain.
There are certain factors which are the purpose of sciatic pain such as bad posture, pregnancy, muscular spasm, stress on muscles, sleeping on a soft mattress or wearing high heels . One of the reasons of sciatic pain is pressure or compression  on the sciatic nerve sensors and even because of the slip disk in the back. There are some situations that can worst the static pain they are sitting for longer time periods or keep stressing the back portion and involved in complicated hard-working jobs which need strength. Sometimes different diseases such as diabetic issues and old age also are the purpose of it.
Generally people think precaution is the best cure for the sciatica pain. That’s why it is also advised that once sciatica pain is over even then keep an eye on regular activities particularly while sitting or sleeping. Sometimes people droop on a chair which makes sciatic pain worst because spine gets curved and it is affected badly. It is better to avoid sciatica causes by using a chair that is upright backrest that keeps supporting the back all the time. Even avoid using soft mattress because it doesn’t support back properly. An orthopedic mattress or hard mattress are good for back as compared to the soft mattress.

The most common symptoms that indicate sciatic nerve pain such as inflammation, lack of sensation in the body and tingling sensation which starts from the lower back till upper buttocks and it is moving towards the thighs back of the legs. Usually pain occurs near the area of hips and buttocks. The pain can cause difficulty in the wake. Even sciatic pain can also get worse by walking or bending from the waist. The sufferer can get rid of these symptoms by relaxing or lying down on the bed. In order to get rid of sciatic pain natural treatment need to be considered in which magnesium must be taken in good amount so that over muscle spasms develop in the body. The diet which contains magnesium is good because it looses the rigid muscles which are irritating to the sciatic nerve. One can find magnesium in peanuts and can get quick relief in some cases.
Sciatic nerve pain treatments can only give temporary relief but not complete healing. The problem of sciatica can be diagnosed with the physical checkup and by medical history. There are other methods such as electromyogram, MRI scans, CT scan and x-rays which can be used to diagnose the particular reason of sciatica nerve pain.